General aspects: GriP AntiRutsch.

1. What is exactly GriP AntiRutsch®?

A transparent anti-slip coating that can be subsequently applied to surfaces and which ensures safety on many materials when walking or standing on slippery surfaces.

2. What is the difference between the different GriP AntiRutsch® coatings?

Decisive are the requirements for the floor properties and the desired slip resistance class that is intended to be achieved after coating with GriP AntiSlip. For this purpose we offer two different solutions: GriP AntiRutsch® Bathroom is specially designed for private use and GriP AntiRutsch® Floor is designed for commercial or non-domestic use.

3. In which colours is GriP AntiRutsch® available?

GriP AntiRutsch® is transparent and lets the colour of the coated underlying surface appear through it with hardly any change. If you require GriP AntiRutsch® in other colours, please get in touch we us by using the contact form >>.

4. How do I know which GriP AntiRutsch® product to use?

If the floor you intend coating is only walked on with bare feet, GriP AntiRutsch® Bathroom is the right product for you. For all other surfaces in private and commercial areas, GriP AntiRutsch® Floor is suitable. If you have any questions, please get in touch with us using the contact form >>.

5. Where can I buy GriP AntiRutsch®?

GriP AntiRutsch® Bathroom can be easily bought from our online shop >>. If you are planning to use GriP AntiRutsch® coatings on a commercial scale, please get in touch with us using the contact form >>.