Health aspects relating GriP AntiRutsch.

1. Is GriP AntiRutsch® toxic or harmful to the environment?

No. GriP AntiRutsch® coatings are solvent-free and even won the University of Pittsburgh’s Gold Award as the “world’s best most environmentally friendly anti-slip coating”.

2. Can small children come into contact with GriP AntiRutsch® without any problems?

No. Make sure that your children do not come into contact with the coating during the first six hours of the drying phase.

3. Can I injure myself when GriP AntiRutsch® is applied to the bathtub?

It is possible that you could injure yourself while bathing, but this would not be due to slipping on the coated part of the bathtub.

4. My children sit in the shower/bathtub, can the GriP AntiRutsch® coating irritate the skin?

No. When sitting in bath or shower tubs coated with GriP AntiRutsch®, the skin of both children and adults remains unscathed. Only continual movements back and forth could have an undesired effect.