Non-slip glass-fiber reinforced concret.

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KMP Architektur AG, Wettingen, Switzerland

Non-slip glass-fiber reinforced concret Non-slip glass-fiber reinforced concret at entrance Non-slip glass-fiber reinforced concret at office bulding

Slip-resistant entrance of office building

The new office building by KPM Architects adds to the stylish modern look of the town. According to building codes entrances must have a resistance class R11 so that employees are save from slippery falls. However, the used material glass-fiber reinforced concrete was suiting in design but unfortunately slippery when wet. GriP Safety coatings was asked to treat the material. The management is pleased with the solution: the transparent GriP coating does not only make the surface slip-resistant but also does not disturb the appearance of the architecture & design.

Non-coating of glass-fiber reinforced concrete.

Antislip Solution:
GriP AntiSlip Floor >> with slip resistance class R11.